Monday, January 25, 2010

Am Ende der Welt

It means 'IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE'. The story began last week. I tried to buy something from someone. Something old but I need it very much. I sent her emails... no answer. She is so far away, I even not know her face to face. 2 times I saw she put her 'story' online, but still no reply on my emails. Sad.... What I can do is waiting. With some colourful beads and chooper wire, trying to make my day brighter. Wish that everything will be better...with or without the thing!
I'm waiting...still........... :-(

Friday, January 22, 2010

Man Bracelet ?

My pictures are here, finally. For this week's theme 'Rich Man' wow wow.... isn't easy. My hubby will never ever use bracelet or necklace. The only one jewelry he use, is our wedding ring :-) Thanks God!
My bracelet this bracelet made from chooper 18ga and silver-coated 18ga. I twist the wire like I wanted. Have no idea what it will be...

Hope any 'Rich Man' would like to visit my blog and asking..if he can have my 'luxurious' bracelet for any price.... Hahahahahaha..... let's dream!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Flower in my garden

This is my second piece this month. Actually 'January Birthstone Garnet or Rose Quartz' is our theme, but neither Garnet nor Rose Quarz in my treasure. Have to think how I make my piece then. So took some colours of chrystal beads and played with them. Snowing outside, miss summer. It is my idea: FLOWER!
Bracelet made with red chrystal beads and copper wire. I tried 18ga wire as the frame and it's too wobbly. Need more strong wire, perhaps 16 ga?

Earrings parade.... red, green, yellow. Which one is the most beautiful?

Red Earrings. Simple and attractive. Even my neighbour order 2 pairs in blue and green. Yuhuuuuu.....

Here they are...1 set Flower Jewelry with Egyptian Coil and Briolette Flower (Eni's Tut), consist of Bracelet, Ring, Earrings.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Purple Swirly

Beginning January 2010. Snowy and cold... nice white outside. This is the 1st time I'm inside Year Of Jewelry 2010 challenges. So in a fever of excitement, let's say. But the show must go I'm!
Purple Swirly isn't complicated. This is a fun and easy project, has tons of possibilities for customization. is Egyptian Coil! This technic is something what I like this moment. Simple chain that requires very few tools.
I made this bracelet and earrings last week. I use 20ga Beadsmith silver plated and Glass purple :-) Get applaus from my hubby...hahahahaha He is my best fans, beside my children LOL.
Sorry for not good picture. I'll try to have better shot next time. Promise!