Sunday, November 30, 2014

Anhänger mit Spruch/Zitat --- Pendant with Quote

I did some new collection. Pendant with Text or Quote !!!

It is something special and sweet gift for someone you love

Available here .

Friday, October 10, 2014

Heart Fingerprint

Custom order. Mirror finish and rather massive weight :o)

She didn't want to have anything written. Just a heart with her daughter's fingerprint. Lovely wish!

I think its weight helps for great showing time. Do you agree?
Visit my shop and hope you'll find something for someone special

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hund No. 3 ist Scotty. Pfotenabdruck Serie

Take a bit long until I reach my table and having time to write. Well... life :o)
Like I promise, now is the last paw print to show. It comes from our own dog, Scotty !!!!

LOL ... that was his Xmas gift. He allowed to crush and trash the whole wrap paper !!!!!  He did it just in few minutes... and looked around waiting for new paper ;-)

Scotty is a border collie. Such active and intelligent dog. It is always fun to have a game with ball or frisbee. He is never get tired with long walking or bike tour. Bike tour is absolutly his favorite, he loves speed !!!!  The only one who can control his speed is my husband ;-)

Scotty back to 2009. As puppies... cute. Beside him is Kitty, our beloved cat.

The paw print of Scotty. yay...

I will listed them on my Dawanda shop. But need to work some infos out. I promise to come back and spread the news ;-)
Thank you for reading... I hope you enjoy it.

xx Dian

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Paw print No. 2 --- Welcome to Bintang (Pfotenabdruck)

A Wolfsspitz!! Yes, Bintang is a dog with double coat thick ruff around his neck. Such typical Wolfsspitz. He isn't common Wolfsspitz, he won many prices and has his own website. Here to read more (in German).

Without doubt, Bintang is the apple of his mum's eyes, Karin Segerer. She is the one who responsible for Bintang's success. And glad that I have her as my neighbour ;-)  wohoooo Karin... you are the best. Thank you thousand times for 'borrowing' Bintang to me !!!

The paw print I had is transferred to cute bronze pendant. Rectangle form. I guess it is also perfect for men's jewelry.

On the back is Bintang written. No, I didn't stamp it. I scratch the green stage, fired and with help of patina, it shows the name well.

I really feel happy to share this short story with you. Glad that I make paw print jewelry serie, which means so much for me and for other dog-lovers. I listed them here (shop)
Well, the last pendant will be from my own dog. So stay tune... ;-)

xx Dian

Pfotenabdruck - zuerst ist Gino dran (Paw print No 1)

I would like to thank my neighbour, Gross family, for letting me took the paw prints from their lovely dog, Gino. Many many thanks ... you all such exceptional people !!!
Say hello to Gino :

Gino is a Labrador Retriever. Smooth chocolate haired, very very lovely and well-behaved dog. In this picture he is dry and handsome, but in real he doesn't mind the rain, he loves it ;-)

So, now his paw print. Below you see bronze pendant. It is Gino's paw print. Made with Prometheus bronze clay. Fired in 820'C, patina and polished to highlight the paw.

I write his name on the back to personalized it. If you like to have similar pendant as key chain, go to my shop

That's all. The first paw print serie I made. Still have two pendants to show you. So I'll be back soon ;-)
Have nice 'bowow' time !!!!!!!!!!

xx Dian

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fingerprint (fingerabdruck) Work

Here are some work I did as custom orders. 
 Heart fingerprint pendant is available to order at my Shop

Guitar pick can found also Here

Men's pendant is not yet listed. But if you like to have similar, just message me.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

NPM Two -- Flower for Summer

NPM means New Push Me. For you who don't know what is NPM, it is my own programm for being more creative and productive. Make something each week. Sounds easy... but way HARD to make it !!!
I started in the beginning of June, and July begins already for the 2nd piece :o(

Here is what I made:

A flower for summer !!!  Midsummer is gone, wishing to more many sunny days. 

The yellow stone in the middle is dedicated for sun. What else? Lol....

I put it in my shop. Just jump short there and I hope any of you will be the new owner of my flower :-)

xx Dian

Sunday, June 29, 2014

2014 Pearls !!! Blog Hop Reveal Time

I know I have been quite for 2 weeks. Life gets busy and still trying to fill in my promise, my own programm ;-)  Not easy, huh?
But hey, I don't give up. I pushed myself and join this Blog Hop. Hostess by Shel from MiShel Designs. Special blog hop for Pearls Lovers !!! Who doesn't love Pearl? noone... ;-)

Here is what I make to shown up :

An exquisite looking necklace with rice shape freswater pearls. I bought the pearls form Indonesia. They are so beautiful with lovely lush. Each measures about 8mm big. In the middle is blue pendant Swarovski Sapphire. I love the mix and feel bit majestic as I worn this necklace.  More if you like to own it, just go here to buy this gorgeous Necklace.

The second creation is a pendant. Shine on pretty with flower texture in front and leaves texture in the back. Again 1 big luminosity freshwater pearl hangs under it.

This is the back side. The idea is to wear it in 2 different ways. 
I made pair earring to complete my creation.

I hope my crafty days are not bad at all. Hope you like them as much as I love them :-)  
Thank you Shel for making us creative and for pushing us with this Blog Hop !!!! Wish everyone great Pearls-Time ..........
And this is the Pearls Blog link to see what creations from others

xx Dian

Friday, June 6, 2014

New Push Me Programm

I keep thinking (and dreaming) to be better. Jewelry world, jewelry maker, jewelry dream !
Got to be productive, got to make time, got to push myself !

So starting today, I WILL (again WILL) make one piece per week. It can be a ring, a necklace, simple pendant, or a broken piece. Basically creative and productive.

This programm called New Push Me. Shortly NPM. Hehehehehe I know it sounds funny ;-)

This is my premiere piece. A ring made from ArtClay Silver. Inspired from sea, the inner side of the ring reminds me to seaweeds. For outer side, you'll find such small scallops texture. Very cute.
On the top I made a silver disc with same texture and put pretty pearl. 

My sea ring is ready. Ah .. I didn't forget to oxidize it to show the texture and color contrast better.
Available at my Shop

Wish me luck that I stay discipline. Wish me luck that my jewelry dream comes true :-)
xx Dias

Monday, June 2, 2014

999 Silver Cute Flower Pendant

Hello... welcome again to my post.
Today I have a small cute flower pendant to show you.

Made with Artclay Silver, I can say this is 100% fine silver and non toxid jewelry :-)

In the middle is a beautiful red Zirconia. It is about 3mm small. Very pretty combination with the silver.

Available at my SHOP. Grab it fast before it is too late... mmm sometimes I want to keep it myself.

Wish everyone a creative time!! Thank you for jumping here!
xx Dian

Saturday, May 10, 2014

REVEAL TIME ** 8th Bead Soup Blog Party **

Helooooooo ;-)  Today is the big day for many many jewelry makers and jewelry lovers from the whole world !!!!

Hosted by Lori Anderson, she is truly amazing artist. I can't have enough words to say how I adore her! If you don't know Bead Blog Soup Party, quickly it is exchange of beads from two partners. Any beads are allowed but MUST have a clasp and a focal. Then make pretty jewelry from those beads, can put her/his own things in design. And today is the big showing day for everybody who signed up. So I'll be busy to hop on each blog and got crazy of each beautiful pieces of everyone ;-))))

The bad news, my laptop died yesterday, so I need time to save some pictures. Means I can't show you the picture of beads from my partner. Just scroll down to my previous post, I put them there.

My partner this year is a sweet lady from Hildesheim, Germany. Anja sent me beautiful beads, in the color of spring. Green like leaves and red like flowers. Some silver things to cheers the day are inclusive. And pretty focal too. This is spring necklace. Do you feel cheerful and happy with those colors? Me, yes !
My own finding for her cabochon. The chain starts with small glass green beads, patina butterflies, bigger glass green beads. And I remind you that I want to have spring on my neck, so red flowers are a must. First let the butterflies hang, then those glossy red beads give beautiful touch. Look at that silver roses !!! Such pretty.

Next project is bracelets. Not only 1 but 3 bracelets! I make them as stack bracelets. 
The Leaves Green Bracelet uses only beads from Anja. They are soooo pretty and glossy. I LOVE them.

These Roses Red Bracelet has small butterfly in silver. Tiny cute, why don't take them to 'dance' with red beads. Shiny and glittering bracelet. I put small similar red swarovski beads on it.

The last Carnival Bracelet. Colorful swarovski beads to combine with red pretty wood bead from Anja. Perfect!!!!

Here they are. My Spring Jewelry for 8th Bead Soup Blog Party. 

Thank you Anja... thank you Lori. And thank to all of you, jewelry friends for your supports. Long live jewelry makers world.... long live blogger .... I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please leave comments for me. Your attention and comments mean so much. And you can watch the list of our friends who attends this year party List

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Dian

Monday, April 21, 2014

Keepsake Jewelry

I'm kind of on a roll with the fingerprint themed projects right now. Probably because I living far from my parents, and miss them sooo much? Or because my kids are growing and seemed like they don't need me? Ah what a suck life... I'm getting old. Truth be told, I have more fun with 'adult' kids. They are kind, helpful with household, indenpendent. I love them so much !

Eventhough I still thinking about the past, when they were little and completely dependent on me. And I wonder what will be become of me when they move out and no longer need me. I miss the cute kids who used to place me at the center of their world.
This mind pushed me to try fingerprint jewelry. Something to remember, close to my soul and be a never ending memory.
Above is my oldest daughter's fingerprint. She is 19 now and starts her trainee as design draftsman soon. I'm proud of her and happy that she doesn't want to moving out yet. Thanks God !!!

I just adore these pendants. So simple and sweet. Yes, I'm having great time work with fingerprint. Such a feeling --- I have been a very good mama ---- LOL Whatever the reason, I Love my Work !!!!

You see some examples I did.

If you need something to hang on with the sweetest memory of your kids, family or your loved one... just go to my shop here . I can make other size, model or if you want to have your own design,  don't hestitate to contact me. I'll be happy to make a very unique and special fingerprint for you, as special as your loved one.

Have a great day and enjoy your time surrounding with people you love !

Friday, March 21, 2014

Peek a boo ! Her Soup

Yay! I got mine for Bead Soup 2014. And my soup is also already by Anja  :-)
Wonderful day with big smile .......
Look at those sweet flowers and butterflies ! They are soooo pretty . I love that color. Bring me to summer time and rose garden feeling. Look at that wonderful cabochon. No idea what flower on it, they are too cute.
Tiny milk white flowers are made from pearls !!!!  Never say no to pearls ... ;-)

Other side from cheering beads I got, Anja herself is strugling with pregnancy. Doctor told her the possibilty, her baby will born with heart defect. It is a schock and really sad news. Hard time for her and family. I hope she gets best treatment and hope that God helps her. Sending Anja hugs and pray !

My soup for Anja, like I told, are by her. And stupid me, I forgot to take pics !!!!!  I wrapped them nice and thought about pictures. Dang !!!!!

Now you see the pillow boxes only :o)  

Are you curious for what inside and what I make from Anja's beads? May 3, is the reveal day.... be patience ;-)

Love you all,

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Partner for Bead Soup Blog Party

I got PARTNER !!!!   Thank you Lori  :-)

So after waiting some days and checked impatient daily my email, finally I got my Partner for Bead Party. YAY !!!
Her name is Anja. Talented lady who lives in Germany. Oh don't you think it is great?  Jewelry-friends in Germany...  to talk some 'Bead-Talk' or someday to meet ...........

Look at Anja's pretty necklace !!!

Now I am curious and can't wait to open my box from her. But before, I need to find some pretties for her too.

See you soon and be nice !!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

If Damselfies fly to Bollywood :o)

I decided to push my mojo a bit. Erin from creates new monthly challenge. It calls We're All Ears Inspiraton !!!

First Friday of the Month she will share an inspiration. February is Damselfies Inspiration.

We should make earring based from that and post it on our blog on third Friday of the month. 2 weeks work time :-) Then post it on Erin's blog, where another pieces shown also. Fabulous artist and creative pieces.   More about it please read

Here is mine. Peridot Swarovski and silver wire. Wire wrapping of course!

Honesty as I saw the inspiration picture, my mind got stuck to such elegant rich and bling earrings. I don't know why... maybe the happy colour of those damselfies? Or ugly weather of winter? I would prefer to dance ala Bollywood, wear a fantastic gala gown and enjoy warm weather !!!!

Now, take deep breath...let's party begin !


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

8th Bead Soup Blog Party

YAY !!! Who want to join? 
I did the same 2 years ago and it was soooooooooo much fun !!!  Lori Anderson with her famous 'Bead Soup Blog Party'. Take a chance to push your imagination for beads and get in touch with others .... in the same time !!!

Only ONE DAY ONLY to SIGN UP !!!  Feb 9th !!

Happy dance and hope to meet you on 8th Bead Soup Blog Party :-) xoxoxoxoxoxo

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I learn crochet.

It began as my son, William, got beginner crochet in craft lesson in the school. He is at 4th grade primary school. Last monday, he showed me the chain stitch. 20cm long.... and 1,30m in 4 days !!!! He loves crochet :-)  and I don't know anything about crochet :-(
So I arranged a small workshop with a friend, who is doing crochet for more than 15 years. William and I went to her on Saturday and learned our corporated crochet. Took about 3 hours (beside laugh and funny things) and we are ending with half woll hat / beanie. It was really Fun!!!! William is totally happy, me too.

The 2 colors belongs to William. The blue one is mine. They use difference yarn.. mine is thicker than William's.

 This white flower is my next adventure. It looks terrible. Need more days and time ;-)

If our wool hat ready, I promise to show you. But I don't know... when!

xoxoxoxoxo Dian