Friday, May 8, 2015

Sparkle Gift handmade by me :-)

This isn't something with jewelry, but it is SPARKLING !!!!
I got to make some gifts for our relative. They have just had 2 grandchildren ... a boy and a girl :-) Such a bless, right ?

This is my first gift.  Baby girl's name is Lee Levis. She is just 1 month old. Perhaps she doesn't care with sparkle, but her parents do !!  

Cut transfer heat vinyl gold with Silhouette Portrait. Then transferred to babysleeper and hats.
Below are 2 summer hats for Lee's sisters. The big sister get the one with A for Alexandra. The other get  L for Lily.

The baby boy get his name transferred in turqoise. Erik is 3 months old. I think the color matchs great with cute dino ;-)

This is what I did instead of jewelry making. I love my Silhouette. And I love to share and show to you how gorgeous it is !!!

xx Dian

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